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Company Overview
Our talented team members have been delivering exceptional service to guests for almost 60 years. We reached our premier status by recognizing that we not only need to provide the best food, but also hire the best people. To ensure that we attract and retain our team members, we offer:
  • Opportunities, locations and work environments that operate based on our core values.
  • Career paths that are flexible allowing you to specialize or seek additional opportunities.
  • A diverse workplace where your unique abilities and talents will be recognized and encouraged.
  • Training programs, opportunities and initiatives to ensure your continued growth and career development.
  • Transfer potential to different geographical locations.
  • Personalized growth plans to reach leadership positions with either single location or multiple location responsibilities.
Qualities of a Village Inn Host - If you posses the following qualities, becoming a Village Inn Host is the job for you!!

  • Warm Smile Warm smiles are inviting and create a genuine connection between you and your guest. 
  • Be Positive Positivity in a team member helps create a successful environment not only for everyone you work with but for our guests. 
  • Team Player The only way we can be truly successful, is to make a conscious effort to be a team player. Don’t wait to be asked, try to help when you have the chance.
  • Time Management We absolutely LOVE when it’s busy, but this is where paying attention to time management and having hustle can determine our success. 
  • Honesty & Integrity Keep your word and take actions that build trust. This will encourage teamwork and camaraderie. 
  • Respect Respect your teammates and the qualities that make them all different. Understand why their unique characteristics help make the team successful. Also, have respect for your own abilities and qualities as well. 
  • Accountability Don’t play the blame game. The guest is going to respect you when you are accountable for your own actions. If you make a mistake, it’s okay to admit it. 
  • Calm Under Pressure Walk in each day expecting to be busy and keep calm and positive when it happens. After all, more business equals more money in everyone’s pocket. 
  • Enthusiastic When we care about what we are doing, our guests take notice and feed off that energy.
  • Communication Communication is key to our success. Keeping constant and clear communication with your team members and guests will set you up for a successful shift and for the guest’s experience.
  • Purpose Do everything you do with purpose, and you will see yourself grow and become more and more successful.
  • Meal Discounts
  • Transfer Potential
  • Paid Time Off - Eligibility Requirements
  • Health & Supplemental Insurances - Eligibility & Programs vary by location.
Compensation: $11.00 - $14.00 per hour

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Meal Discounts
Transfer Potential
Advancement Programs
Paid Time Off
• Eligibility Requirements
Health & Supplemental Insurances:
• Eligibility & Programs vary by location.